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Stephen Joseph Growth Chart (Safari)

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They may be your babies forever, but that doesn't mean they stay small. But to help you remember them at their tiniest (and every Interval until they're grown), mark their height on one of our whimsical growth charts.

  • Easy to hang: a looped ribbon at the top makes it super simple to hang up from any wall or door with a pin, Nail, or removable hook.
  • Lightweight: carefully crafted out of sturdy cardboard wrapped in printed paper with fabric between the panels, so it's light enough to hang safely and easily.
  • Keepsake: it folds so you can easily put it into a keepsake box for when your children are older. But Let's not think about that now!
  • Kid style: No matter what your kid’s room theme or their current interest, there's a design sure to suit their unique style.

DIMENSIONS: 9 x 36 x 1 inches

ITEM WEIGHT: 10.9 ounces

Recommended Age

36 months - 8 years