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Newborn Photo Essentials Headband / Cap and Swaddle

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Is your little angel ...

  1. ... a natural wiggler?

  2. ... a fussy sleeper?

  3. ... tossing and turning at night?

No more worries. Find your peace of mind again with these swaddle wraps. Revolutionise swaddling and have your baby sleeping in no time at all. Secure your baby’s arms, feet and torso. Keep your newborn tucked inside the sleep sack as an adorable baby-rito!

Lay baby down in a crib or playpen securely swaddled so that (s)he's less fussy and more secure! Use as photo blanket and take the cutest pictures of your newborn.

Swaddle Your Baby In Irresistible Cuteness, Impeccable Style, & Endless Comfort!

Machine washable & dryer safe. Holds colors fast. Measures 35" x 40".