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Nature to Nurture Wheat Straw Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush (1 to 3 yrs old)

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Nature to Nurture BPA-free bristles are infused with carbon charcoal that removes bacteria, gently whisking away plaque. Ultra soft pointed nylon-free bristles effectively clean tight spots (such as in between teeth) yet gentle on little ones’ gums. Bristles are designed to absorb less water (compared to nylon bristles which makes them a breeding ground for bacteria) making these toothbrushes more hygienic.

Toothbrush handles are designed having adult supervision in mind. Handles are long enough for adult supervised brushing, yet wide enough to fit toddlers and kids’ palms for a firm grip.

Complementing Nature to Nurture’s natural toothpastes are these wheat straw bamboo charcoal toothbrushes designed especially for babies and kids. The eco-friendly PVC-free handles are made of 30% wheat straw, making them kinder to the environment.


  • Eco-friendly PVC-free handles made of 30% wheat straw

  • Handles long enough for adult supervised brushing

  • Carbon charcoal inflused BPA-free soft bristles