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Biolane Liquid Talc (100 ML)

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Biolane Liquid Talc is a new formula of emulsion which, on contact with the skin, transforms into talc. Its formula reproduces all the properties of classic talc without the inconvenience of a volatile powder. It is specially designed to protect all of an infant's skin folds that are sensitive to redness and irritation (neck, legs, bottom, armpits, etc.).

Product Details:

  • Plant-origin powder gently absorbs any excess dampness responsible for irritation

  • Strengthens skin's natural protective film

  • Panthenol content (0.5%) prevents redness and irritation

  • Fresh and subtle fragrance

  • Paraben-free, soap-free and alcohol-free

  • Physiological pH: respects skin balance

  • Rich in Hydra-bléïne® limits water loss and enriches the epidermis

  • Suitable for use on newborns


  • Recommended for babies 0+ months.

How to Use

Apply to clean and perfectly dry skin to parts of the body that are susceptible to becoming damp (bottom, skin folds, etc.). Help absorption until the cream transforms into talc. Wipe the applicator tip after each use.