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Mideer Kids Storybook Torch

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Let’s turn off the lights and let the stories begin to unfold! Project the images onto the wall or ceiling and let your children immerse themselves in beautiful bedtime stories.


Kids Storybook Torch engages and entertains children with full color projections depicting their favorite fairy tales on any wall or surface.


The visually appealing device comes with eight small discs, each of which contains 8 scenes from a different children's story, classics like Cinderella, Pinocchio, Thumbelina, and five others. Making the magic happen is remarkably easy: press the 'on' button once, insert a disc into the torch's slot and it's showtime!


The artwork that emerges is truly glorious, each tale told entirely through gorgeous images. The omission of verbiage inspires an immense amount of creative play. Youngsters supply their own words, act out characters' parts and change up the storylines at will, an outstanding way to develop language skills while encouraging the imagination to roam free. Also included is a set of story cards secured on a plastic ring.


Each card displays all the artwork for a given tale on one side, with the entire story written out in full on the other. When playtime's over, a second press of the 'on' button turns KIDS STORYBOOK TORCH into a soothing, starry nightlight that paves the way for rest and relaxation!

Product Details:

  • Story telling in a different level and provides lots of family bonding and fun!

  • One torch with four different functions :

    • Fairy tales story projector

    • Starry night projector

    • Gentle Night light which automatically turn off after 15 minutes

    • Torchlight


Suitable for ages 24 months up

What’s Included?
  • 1 x story light

  • 1 x story book

  • 8 x projection disc (stories)

    • Pinocchio

    • The Happy Prince

    • Cinderella

    • Thumbelina

    • I want To Go To Space

    • Gingerbread man

    • The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    • The Enormous Turnip