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Greenday Broccoli Chips

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Greenday Kids are whole fruits and vegetables that retain their natural taste, shape & texture through the advanced Vacuum frying and Vacuum freeze drying process. It is in no way altered from its natural form and you can easily identify the food you are eating in one look. They have ZERO MSG and have No Preservatives added. 

Kids from 12 months up can enjoy a healthy mix of 5 different fruits and vegetables in individual & colorful packaging.

Broccoli has never tasted better! Encourage kids to eat more veggies by giving them real, crunchy Greenday Broccoli with natural flavour. Serve it with salads, rice or noodles to elevate their meal.

  • High in Fibre, helps digestion
  • High in Vitamin C & K
  • Good source of Folate & Potassium

Snacks that are delicious and fun to eat, anywhere, any time. Greenday fruit and veggie chips can be enjoyed in many ways. Mix them with your meals. Use them as toppings for desserts or salads. Or simply enjoy them as a snack.

  • Broccoli 97% Rice Bran Oil 2% Salt 1%
Allergy Advice
  • None