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Good Gout All Round Biscuit (80 grams), 10 months

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Thanks to Good Gout's biscuits' ring shape which makes them easier to hold, their roundy biscuits, which are less sweet than standard baby biscuits, have become a must-have for babies’ snack or dessert.

Their little nappy-wearing food critics will love these two recipes with either vanilla or organic cocoa.

A round of applause for Good Goût’s roundy biscuits!

Good Goût’s roundy biscuits are delicious little biscuits with a circular shape, making them easy for our babies to hold. And they are the first baby biscuits that can be eaten without moderation when teething, generally between 10 and 12 months! Here at Good Goût, we introduce babies to flavours without getting them used to overly sweet tastes – our recipe is with 36% less sugar* than the average baby biscuit. And all 100% organic, of course! The individual packs of 5 biscuits will fit easily into a changing bag or handbag! All good, all round...

Why are our organic Vanilla Roundy Biscuits so good?

 Because they have a very short ingredient list with nothing weird! ... Only ingredients you use at home! 
 Because they have up to 44% less sugar than other babies biscuits*!
*Ciqual 2017
 Because they have an on-the-go format easy to bring along when roaming around!
Usage Tips

Is your baby ready to chew our biscuits?
We only recommend feeding Good Gout's roundy biscuits if: baby can sit independently in his high chair, is used to eating bread and dishes with small pieces, and has at least two teeth. It is also vital that your child sits upright and remains under constant adult supervision during meals.

Storage recommendations:
Store in a cool, dry place away from light and heat.

Wheat (gluten). May contain traces of milk, eggs and nuts (almonds, hazelnuts).

Good to know:
Our roundy biscuits’ shape was cleverly designed to help babies hold them easily. Improving dexterity while enjoying a snack... or how to combine business with pleasure!


Organic baby biscuits from 10 months

What's Inside

This box contains 4 packs of 5 organic roundy biscuits.